Mr.Sittipong Kongtong (Han)

Director of Photography


A cameraman who is always smiling even in the bad situation. Enjoy co-working with all kind of people. Good communication in English.


- Participated 4 Kodak cinematography workshops held in Bangkok all conducted by renown American Cinematographers.

  • -  Cinematography workshop
  • -  Advanced Cinematography workshop
  • -  Asian Master Class workshop
  • -  16 mm Cinematography- Participant for the 1st Asian F23 , F35 : The Advanced Sony CineAlta Digital Cinematography Workshop
    – RED Cinematography Workshop in BangkokPLACE OF BIRTH

    Surin Province, Northeastern of Thailand.


    August 12, 1966.


    1978-1983 M1-M6, Surin Province
    1984-1987 Bachelor of Arts, (Faculty of Arts) Silpakorn University


    1988-1989 Account Executive, Patterson&Partners, an advertising agency.

    1989-1991 Export division for color separation reproduction, 71 FILM Interscan. (color separation of films and plates for offset printing).

    1992-2000 Freelance documentary videographer,
    – One nan na one nee (some thing like today in the past) – Forest Plantation Campaign project
    – Chang Chang Chang project (Thai Elephant)
    – Water for tomorrow project

    2001-2002 – Lighting department for American movie “Beneath the Banyan Tree” in Cambodia,

    - Camera department at Cinerent (Thailand)
    2002-2003 – Director of Photography for 10 of tele movies shooting

    using 35mm,16mm and digital videos.
    – Director of Photography for Thai feature films as a “B” cameraman; – “FAKE”, “EX-MAN”, “The Mother”.

- all shot with 35 mm film cameras 2004-2005 Director of Photography for Thai feature films.

- Second Unit and B cameraman : -
“Tiger Blade” – “B” Cameraman – Mono Film (Action)

- shot with Sony HDCAM HDW-F900 and 35 mm film “The King Maker” – Second Unit and “C” camera – Angel Film

- shot with Sony HDCAM HDW-F900 – Main principal photography : -

“Pairee Pinat” – Mono Film (Action adventure)
– shot with Sony HDCAM HDW-F900 and 35 mm film

“The Mercury Man” – Ba-ram-ewe (Action hero)
– shot with Moviecam Compoact 35 mm film

“Lullabye Before I Wake” – Prime Studio (Romantic comedy) – shot with ARRI 535B 35 mm film

  1. 2006-  - Main principal photography : -
    “ The GIG” – Mono Film (Romantic comedy)- shot with Sony HDCAM HDW-F900 and 35 mm film “Peemaijimphan” – Avant- shot with Panasonic Varicam “Marr Worr” – Ba-ram-ewe (Comedy)

    - shot with Moviecam Compact 35 mm film

    - Second cameraman : -

    “Chocolate” – Baa-ram-ewe (Action)
    – shot with Panasonic Varicam

  2. 2007-  - Main pricipal photography : – “ GIGI Number 2” – Mono Film- shot with Sony HDCAM HDW F-900 outfitted with DigiPrime Lens set“Ghost Friend” – Mono Film
    – shot with Sony HDCAM F900R outfitted with

    Fujinon Cine Prime Lens set
    “Sabaidee Luang Prabang” –
    This was the first Lao movie in the last 35 years since Lao became communism. It is a romantic love story.

2008 “Sabaidee 2 : From Pakse with love” , “Lao Wedding” 2009-2010 -“Tai Hong” – Pranakorn Film

- “Sorry Sarangheyo” – A Korean-Thai movie, Pranakorn Film

  1. 2010-  - “The Melody” Sahamongkhol Film
  2. 2011-  - “30+ Sode on Sale” Work Point Entertanment

2012 – 9-9-81-Plan C Phanich- A Ghost story shot with RED Epic

(One of nine cinematographers for this movie)
2012 – Love Station – Comedy series for Thai TV Chanel 3 – shot

with Panasonic AF102